At a glance

Kavir steel is one of the largest steel mills in Iran. The company is majorly owned by a private sector, and partially listed to the Iranian stock market more

Honors and achievements

Social responsibility
In adherence to the company environmental concerns associated with the water resource management and minimizing the global steelmaking footprint, KSC has established the country’s largest wastewater treatment plant in the production site in Kashan. Connecting to the national rail network would also be a big step toward green transportation and logistics, originating from the corporate strategy for sustainable development.

Sales and customer

Sales Engineering Department applies technical product knowledge to ensure successful solutions for our customers whilst optimizing the value to our supply chain and business. Having a good working relationship with the customers we will be serving is crucial to our team; we want to ensure our customers are satisfied and it's also important for the future as we look to explore new opportunities to expand and develop new products to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market.

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Purchasing engineering has been a common word in the literature of international projects, but in our country it is young and about 15 years old, and the application of this thinking in the models of companies has been very successful. Basically, a "purchasing engineer" in a commercial organization, in addition to having technical information and the basics of designing the equipment required by the applicant unit, it is necessary to have a complete familiarity with the principles and techniques of commerce and use software tools to convert raw data into information. Processed and converted to make better decisions based on it and make the correct purchase moves according to the conditions and specifications of each request.