Steels for Tire cord

Steels for Tire cord

Bead wire is the steel wire made of high-carbon steel typically plated with red copper or bronze. It has a high strength, a good flexibility, a supreme fatigue property and an excellent linearity. It can be adhered to the rubber easily, and is mainly used in the tire bead as the framework material for reinforcement. You can find it widely applied in car tires, light truck tires, cargo truck tires, heavy equipment tires and plane tires.

(high carbon tire bead wire can transfer the vehicle load from the rim to tire.)


The steel cord is a combination of several thin wires that help tires absorb shock while improving comfortability for passengers. If the steel cord is made of highest-grade steel, the tire can withstand high level of stresses, thereby improving the stability and safety during driving.

These products make the highest demands on production processes in the steelmaking plant and rolling mill since the final product is drawn to the smallest diameters and, therefore, even the tiniest defect can lead to considerable issues in further processing. An optimized production process enables us to meet the high-quality demands of the automotive industry with excellence. Carbon content of these grades of steel range from 0.6 to 1 percent.

Our current grades for these applications include SWRH 67B, SWRH 72B, SWRH 82B